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June Lake RV Park Regulations

Office Hours: 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm – Late April thru end of October – Weather Permitting

Check-in Time: 12:00 noon – we do not park RVs after dark.

Check-out Time: 11:00am

Reservations: May be made up to a year in advance. A deposit is required to confirm reservation.

The Reservation number is 760-648-7967: You may make reservations between late April thru October.

The RV Park is closed from November to April: No one will answer the phone during that time.

Additional Parking: Our parking is very limited. To accommodate all guests in the RV Park and Lodge, we request all cars and trucks park in our “Guest Parking”.  1 Car/Truck is allowed per spot or unit, extra cars will be charged $10.00 per day for parking.  NO BOATS can be parked on the property.

Cancellations: Reservations are non-refundable.  We will give you credit up to one year.  There is a $25.00 cancellation fee. Cancellations less than 14 days (Holidays 30) will be charged 1 night fee.

No Refunds: For early departures or no-shows.

Payments: May be made by CASH, CHECK, or Credit Card with small fee.

Late Arrival Information: Must arrive before dark, or come in the next morning. No exceptions.

``````````NO TENTS`````````` : Tents are not allowed on the property grounds.

Motorcycles or ATVs of any kind may not be operated on the premises.

No public bathrooms or showers available.

Pets: Mono County requires all pets to be on a leash at all times.  We ask all guests to please pickup after their pets.  There is a $50 fine for pet waste that is not picked-up.  Do not leave pets in coach all day unattended.  Do not allow pets to bark continuously.  Pet limit is 2 per space/unit.  No viscous or aggressive breeds. Some breeds not permitted.

Music: Respect your park neighbors, no outdoor music or loud noise at any time.

*******10:00 PM QUIET TIME*******

Common Area: If you use the common area you must clean it after use, trash must be deposited in trash dumpster.

Fish Cleaning Station: Please follow our instructions at the fish cleaning station.  DO NOT put heads, bones, skin, lures, lead weights or other foreign objects down the drain/disposal.  Use Dumpster. Turn on water before putting fish guts in the disposal.

Recycle: We recycle plastic and cans, no glass.  Please place your recyclable products in the recycle bin by the dumpster.  No trash in the Recycle bins.  Please use dumpster for trash.

TV: Only HD TV will work with our provided cable services. 

Laundry Room: Laundry room is next to the office, $1.50 per wash & dry.  We can make change if needed.

Ice: Available for purchase next to office.

DO NOT set personal BBQs on our plastic picnic tables – it will burn or melt the table.

Wood or charcoal campfires are NOT allowed. Only propane-based firepits are allowed at the park. VIOLATORS will be asked to leave the park immediately without refunds.

Speed Limit: Please observe the 5-mph speed limit.  There are children and pets present most of the time.

Please view Google Maps – and see our Contact page for map information. 
155 Crawford Ave., June Lake, CA 93529

  • HWY 395 to HWY 158, at June Lake Junction
  • 158 to Knoll (Tiger Bar), turn RIGHT
  • At Bruce turn Left
  • At Granite turn Left, Follow Granite into RV Park



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